Head of Operation and Finance (CEO)
Paul Goldenberg, B.Sc. CET (over 32 years’ experience):

  • Mechanical and Fluid Power Engineer with a history of various designs and prototypes
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper rolling mills and casters
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Cooling, Lubrication and Grease systems
  • Industrial, mobile and Automation equipment
  • Lifting equipment, forklifts, construction trucks, loaders
  • Railway maintenance machinery
  • Vans, Platforms, Dumps and Tanks Trailers
  • ISO9000 manual and forms

Previous Employment & Position:

  • Anker Holth / MIT INC. - General Manager & Fluid Power Engineer
  • Pneutech Inc. - Sales Application Engineer
  • Wainbee Ltd. – Engineering & Technical Services Manager
  • Quad Engineering - Senior Piping Engineer
  • Nordic Systems - Engineering Manager
  • Pyke Manufacturing - Engineering Manager
  • Russell Brothers – Sales & Engineering Manager
  • Pitman Manufacturing - Engineering Manager
  • Fruehauf Trailers - Project Engineer

Head of Mechanical Department
Theodor Calinescu, P. Eng. (over 34 years’ experience):

  • Custom Machine Design and Automation
  • Automotive Assembly lines
  • Car Window Mechanism Assembly line
  • Welding Cells and Assembly line
  • CNC Vertical and Horizontal Turning Lathe
  • Mobile and Industrial Robots

Previous Employment & Position:

  • Teledyne Precisions Inc. - Plant Manager
  • Precision Small Parts Inc. - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Bombardier Thunder Bay – Senior Mechanical Design Engineer for Bi-Level Platform Car
  • ABB – Design Group Leader – Robots Automation for Automotive and Pulp and Paper Industries
  • TC Engineering - Engineering Manager
  • Canadian Automation - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Head of Fluid Power Department
Anita Predoiu, P. Eng. (over 35 years’ experience):

  • Mechanical Engineer with experience in Fluid Power and Precision Instruments
  • Design, manufacturing, and testing of Hydraulic, Pneumatic Lubrication Systems
  • Machine Tools and special purpose machinery
  • Develop Specifications for Engineering, Production and testing

Previous Employment & Position:

  • Vickers S.Y.S Inc., - Design & Liaison Engineer
  • Pragma Engineering - Fluid Power Engineer
  • Precision Instrument Design Institute Engineering – Design & Project Engineer

 Head of Electrical and Automation Department
Atef Khalla P.Eng. (over 32 years experience):

  • Metal strip process lines.
  • High speed Roll forming line and cut to length in the fly.
  • High speed package line for consumer products
  • Z-mill 48 inch wide for steel plant.
  • ISO 9000 for manufacturing, QMI
  • Plastic film and downstream equipment
  • Polishing line using Acme grinders
  • Hot dip galvanizing line
  • Pipe and tube materials
  • High speed roll forming line with cut in fly shear

Previous Employment/Position:

  • Magnum Integrated Technologies –Lead automation Engineer
  • JNE Consulting LTD - Project Engineer electrical
  • SMS-Demag Canada LTD – Project Engineer
  • Brampton Engineering LTD - Design Engineer Electrical
  • Pro-eco machinery LTD - Project lead Electrical

Head of Project Management, Training & Safety Department
Murray Etherington, P. Eng. (over 30 years experience):

  • Mechanical Engineer with a significant history of machinery design and development
  • Off-highway mobile equipment, trucks, loaders, core drills, underground percussion drills
  • Mining and construction drills and hydraulic demolition hammers
  • Portable telescopic conveyors for aggregates and bulk materials
  • Lifting equipment, forklifts, scissor lifts
  • Automation cells including robots and high pressure water jet cutting
  • Safety Inspections and PHSR’s for warehouse storage racking and systems
  • SRED tax credits

Previous Employment & Positions:

  • Lovat Tunnel - Engineering Manager
  • Blue Giant - Engineering Manager
  • PSI Engineering – Operations and Engineering Manager
  • Thor Global Enterprises – Engineering Manager
  • Pentalift Corp. - Engineering Manager
  • G.N. Johnston Equipment – Design & Engineering Manager
  • MCY Enterprises - Operations Manager

IT Manager
Cristian Buciu:

  • Humber/UofT Automation and Robotics student